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Sinop University, Gerze Vocational School of Travel, Tourism and Entertainment Services has been serving since 2017-2018 Academic Year. Our department currently hosts the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Program. Our faculty consists of academicians who are specialized in their field and carry out applied and theoretical researches and projects related to their fields. The Cultural Heritage and Tourism Program opened in 2012 at Sinop University Vocational School has been transformed into a unit of Gerze Vocational School since the 2017-2018 Academic Year. It is given that the first formal education in Turkey has the distinction of being the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Program.


Its relation with tourism is important for preserving and evaluating the concrete and intangible types of cultural heritage elements. It is known that cultural heritage projects require qualified work and serious financing. Since the budget for the cultural heritage elements of the central and local administrations can be limited, these elements can be integrated with the tourism sector and financing can be achieved by considering the balance of use / protection. The opening of cultural heritage elements through visits to tourism, different experiences and consumption necessitates the employment of trained personnel in this field. The purpose of the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Program; Turkey has carefully protected the rich cultural heritage owned; Transformation of these assets into attraction centers for tourism; to provide a good way to promote and contribute to the development of socio-economically sustainable development.


Our website contains detailed information about the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Program which is the only active program of our department. You can contact us for any questions you want to consult.


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Lecturer. Levent PAYZIN

Head of Department

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